Real Estate Education Newsletter

by teacher Deborah Long

July/August 2019


My classes are characterized by:
  • Comfortable seating
  • Refreshments
  • Class starts and ends on time
  • Punctual reporting of class credit
  • Prepared, experienced instructor


How are topics for the GENUP/BICUP chosen? 

According to the NCREC:

Each year in the fall, the Commission begins its process of selecting topics for the following yearís GENUP-General Update and BICUP-Broker-in-Charge Update courses. 

In October and November, the Commission builds a list of potential topics based on proposed and confirmed law and rule changes, recent complaints and disciplinary actions, suggestions from licensees and Commission Staff, and emerging business trends. Then, the Commission narrows the list, based on the most pressing issues and educational needs. The Commission finalizes and votes on the list of topics in their December meeting.

I encourage you to contact the NCREC with your ideas for update courses, particularly if you are critical of the topics that are covered:


It's the beginning of the 2019/2020 continuing education cycle!I know you all eagerly await taking this year's General Update (or Broker-in-Charge Update) as well as choosing some exciting electives.

If you can't wait to take electives, you can always take an elective course online.  (See below.)

Here are my course offerings for August:


Thursday, August 22: Chapel Hill GENUP

9 am to 1 p.m. at the Chapel Hill Library.

Details and registration here.


Tuesday, August 27: Fuquay-Varina GENUP

12- 4.  Lunch included.

Details and registration here.


Wednesday, August 28: Chapel Hill BICUP

 9 am to 1 p.m. at the Chapel Hill Library.

Details and registration here.


A statewide CE Course Schedule is provided on the Commissionís website. To search for courses, go to the Commissionís homepage (, click on the Education menu, and select Search CE Course Schedule.  You may search for courses by course title, city, county, sponsor or instructor name, or date range.  

Online Learning


You can find information about online electives here.


All licensees, including BICs, must take an elective course. 

You can take two different elective courses

and bank one for the following year.


My online courses are competitively priced at $63/$67.  You can start an elective as early as July 1st.


The GENUP and BICUP courses are NOT available online. 


Do inactive brokers have to take continuing ed?

The simple answer to this question is No. But they really better.
Since 2018, inactive brokers who do not take CE classes for more than two years will have to take 68 hours--yes, 68 hours--of classes in order to reactivate. So all brokers should take 8 hours of CE (the correct update course--either the GENUP or the BICUP)--
and an elective) to avoid the painful alternative.

NAR Code of Ethics Requirement

Beginning in 2019, Realtors must complete at least 2.5 hours of Code of Ethics training every two years, with the most current deadline of December 31, 2020. 

But remember, the ethics course is a requirement only for Realtors.  Not every real estate licensee is a Realtor.

If you are not a member of the National Association of Realtors, your only requirement is the appropriate Update course and any approved elective course. 

The ethics course can be taken online for FREE via the NAR website or you can take an approved four-hour ethics course and also obtain CE elective credit in NC.
You can take Everyday Ethics  (print-based), Staying on the Right Path, or Scruples (video-based),online courses that count for elective credit AND NAR credit.


Questions? Email me.