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October 2020



Let's Zoom!

  BICUP, GENUP and Elective courses

If you haven't taken my CE classes before, why not try a new teacher?

With Zoom, you can go to any class!


Elective: Everything I Know about Real Estate,

I Learned from the Movies; Thursday, Oct. 15 via Zoom

1 to 5 p.m.

Electives are required of all licensees.

This is a fun elective.

For information and to register, go here.


GENUP (General Update), Thursday, Oct. 29 via Zoom

9 am to 1 p.m.

Required of full and provisional brokers.

For information and to register, go here.


Do I need to take an ethics course?

Maybe yes.  Maybe no. 
Read here.

Do inactive brokers need to take CE?

No, but they better.  Since 2018, brokers who do not take CE in a
timely way have to take 68 hours
--yes, 68 hours--of classes in order to reactive.

So all brokers should take 8 hours of CE every license year
(the correct Update course-either the GENUP or the BICUP and an elective).

New Distance Education Elective

"Secret Agent: Confidentiality and Disclosure"

Do you wonder if you are supposed to discuss crime in a neighborhood? the nearby airport? the nuclear facility down the road? 

You'll enjoy this class. $59.

Enroll here.

I offer both types of distance education. 

My online courses are competitively priced. 

Go here to see the catalog.

Remember , you can take two different elective courses

and bank one for the following year.


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